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The importance of ceramic frit recipes-Zibo Jinming Glaze Co.,ltd
The importance of ceramic frit recipes
  times 2016/12/29 9:12:24

Ceramic frit transparent glaze, white glaze, glaze and glaze lead-free lead. In the process of melting, the appearance of granular and flaky due to different manufacturing methods. Because the fritted glaze is not soluble, so high safety, can be used alone, can also be added to the general raw glaze as flux, it is not soluble, stability and other characteristics, after grinding is applied to all kinds of vessels, into a thin glass after firing. The prescription of frit is a very important link, directly related to the quality and performance of products, therefore, we need to strictly determine the frit recipes when.
A good prescription must be high-temperature fusible frit and is insoluble in water. The melting temperature is too high, will lead and boron, fluorine and other effective components play loss; water solubility is too high, not only the flow of glair variation, but also the loss of the preparation of the target. In order to ensure the inspection, the fusible alkali metal compounds in frit and alkaline earth metal compound ratio should be controlled at 1.1-1.3 in the meantime, in order to get good quality of the frit frit, the amount of Al2O3 in the control at 0 2-0.7mol which should be.
The ratio of Al2O3 and SiO2 for 1:10, SiO2 and alkali metal and alkaline earth metal compound ratio during 2.5-4.5. In order to ensure a wide range of firing and frit insoluble in water, should strictly control the introduction of prescription to selection of sodium salt, potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar with no or less, in the high boron frit, boric acid to replace all or part of borax; when the ceramic frit containing more B2O3, will cause the water soluble growth, usually at least 2 times SiO2 added to B2O3, to ensure that the frit is insoluble in water.

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